About the Project

The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction. Rachel Carson – Silent Spring 1962

Illuminating the extraordinary world of insects in a time of climatic change. Skeins of stories woven throughout, depicting the life-cycles of key insects, crystallise into a alien yet familiar terrain. Using cabaret, dance, improvisation, comedy, music, sound, verse and vestiges from our human world.

A troupe of insects gather to impart an urgent message; conjuring up tales from a jam jar, animating the inanimate, amidst hovering sound scapes, buzzing words and strange hybrid costumes, they tell us of their extra-ordinary mating and feeding habits, astonishing turnover of generations, rapid adaptation and intricate interdependency. But as the piece progresses we realise the importance of one universal factor: climate.TERABAC weaves together themes of metamorphosis, magical transformation, ritual, decay and renewal into a celebration of life and the earth. Engaging with audiences in a compelling and often humorous way TERABAC starts to uncover some of the complex relationships we have with nature.

TERABAC launched at Brighton Fringe Festival ’17 and was selected for special note as part of the Windows showcase. Our short London tour culminated in an outdoor performance in the grounds of the Croydon Ecology Centre, receiving outstanding audience feedback. In 2018 the show will develop further to include: new narrative threads, a stridulating insect orchestra, and new insect hybrid characters.

Insects on the move – TERABAC’S travelling troupe of insects can go anywhere and respond to different sites. Our show is suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces and venues, promenade or fixed locations and is for people of all ages.

Inspired by the sound worlds of Camilla Cancantata, poetic texts of Helena Paul, compelling improvisations and performances of Vanessa Hammick, visions, drawings and designs of Andrea Carr. Conjuring up textures of sound, vision, images and words to explore the world from a different perspective, we have come together as TERABAC.

Vanessa Hammick’s portrayal of the gentle housefly who wins all hearts with her bumbling brilliance upholds her metier as a recycler-in-chief, the statuesque Helena Paul reigns as a mantid femme fatale…..as a cosmic dung-beetle rolls the celestial spheres in their orbits and the locust’s epilogue subsides into unanimous applause….modern dance, ethereal sonics by Camilla Saunders… unite with Andrea Carr’s highly innovative scenography to gorgeous effect. Audience Comment

Below. Terabac Shack Design Concept

Terabac dung beetles take to the streets. Guided by the Milky Way they roll around a dung ball / a fallen dusty star / lifeless planet.