About Us

TERABAC is a multi-disciplinary collective of four artists: an eco-scenographer, musician-composer and two actor/performers/writers with portfolios of work focusing on investigating and celebrating the environment. For our 2017 launch and tour we are joined by two dance and movement artists Piedad Seiquer and Vini Carvalho.

Our theatre of insects aims to conjures up new textures of sound, vision, images and words. Our work draws on research by ecologists and climate scientists that reveals the interconnectedness of earth’s ecosystems and climate and the interdependent nature of life, in which insects play a crucial role.

Insects – and spiders – are weavers, seducers, hunters, singers, stingers, slayers – and also loving parents. Some have unbelievable appetites while others eat nothing at all once they are adults – a few don’t even have mouthparts. Some live in huge communities ruled by a single queen. Others migrate thousands of miles and arrive at their destination even though they have never been there before – how do they do it?

This project is fuelled by our passions to reframe human-centric views of the earth by celebrating and exploring the extraordinary world of biodiversity and in particular insects.

Creative Team::  Piedad Seiquer and Vini Carvalho movement artists, Flavia Bertram HOAX our outside eye, Leeroy Tango Cat choreography, Balbina Garcia costume construction, Digger Johnson set builder, Daniel Stevens lighting and photography, Adam St Clair photography, Anthony film and photography, Peter Williams driver and roadie.

No insects were harmed in the making of this play.

Vanessa Hammick is a theatre maker and actress. Co-founded Croydon Bicycle Theatre ’17, tours internationally. Formed Drawn To Stars with Aimee Corbett 2011. Together they walked 200 miles from Wales to London, collecting stories from every person they met along the way. They received ACE and Hillingdon Trust funding to tour a play (Now.Here) and run community workshops about their experience (back along the route they originally walked). Kevin Spacey Foundation funded Science In The Sky to explore climate change using a crashed hot air balloon. The work, developed at Wyeside Arts Centre, ran alongside a major community project bringing together participants aged 9-94. They delivered a Science And Art Symposium with the Climate Change Consortium of Wales and with support from ACW. Vanessa followed up this work with a climate change themed cabaret night at Omnibus for ARTCOP21. Acting credits include:  Battersea Arts Centre, BBC I Player, Nutkhut and Bristol Old Vic.

Helena Paul published poet and writer, performer and musician (cello and trumpet), global activist and people’s rights campaigner. Co-founded Burnt Bridges, a radical trail blazing women’s theatre companies 1982-7. Devised shows included: Deals (about the financial markets), Cargo, Ghost Story, Special Powers and The Bernoulli Effect. Other theatre credits include: Triple Action, Lumiere and Son, Open Space, Grand Union, Dukes Playhouse Lancaster. She has worked on amongst others: the protection of tropical forests and Indigenous Peoples’ land rights in Brazil and Colombia, oil extraction in the tropics, biological diversity and agricultural biodiversity, food sovereignty, GM crops, biofuels. Active at UN climate meetings between 2007-2012. Co-wrote Hungry Corporations, published by Zed Books in 2003. She brings her poetry and years of experience to this project.


Piedad Seiquer is a contemporary dance artist. In 2009 she won Premio the Danza and has worked with many choreographers including: Benoit Maubrey on Ballerina Audio for the festival Alterarte07, As Loose as Anything for the festival Manifiesta08 with Ryan Gander.Toured UK, Europe and Canada with most notably:  New Movement Collective, Gobbledegook, Darren Ellis, Protein with two former Rambert Dancers. She took part in London Grow Festival with Sophie Walker garden Installation,  performed in The Fairy Queen opera working with Jonathan Kent and Kim Branstrud at Glyndebourne Festival 2012, Hearts of Matter with Gerrard Martin GMD, Thick & Grey with Jesús Robisco and SQxdanza and with the visual artist Kira. Currently collaborating as a choreographer for Ashley Panton and Stephen Ofori in their Roundhouse Dance Film Project and touring her own work.



Camilla Saunders (Cancantata), musician, musical director, performer, composer, improviser (piano, voice, trombone, accordion, found objects) is committed to free improvisation as an art form and means of communication. Recent commissions include composing music for Landance 2017, outdoor dance at Maumbury Rings, Dorchester, and Dorchester market. ‘Variation and Adaptation’ (settings of texts about evolution by Darwin, Stephen J Gould and others, was first performed at National Museum of Wales, Autumn 2016. Background in theatre as musician and musical director with various companies including Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool and Burnt Bridges women’s theatre company. Co-founded Footloose Community Arts 2000, creating work in response to environmental issues through acts of communal creativity. Also co-founder Fractofusus, The Radnor Improvisers; member of Oxford Improvisers. Composer of instrumental and choral music and children’s pieces (eg ‘Bugs Came First’) children’s musical..

littleweed-music.org     camillacancantata.bandcamp.com    footloosearts.co.uk

Andrea Carr eco-scenographer and performance maker, selected to exhibit two eco-designs in 2017: Extant’s The Chairs by Ionesco, World Stage Design Expo. Taiwan; HOAX Stuck published in the Aesthetica Art Prize Anthology. Her work has been seen: Olympic Park, Liberty Festival with DH Ensemble, courtyard of Somerset House, Kew Gardens, Bath Theatre Royal, Riverside Studios, ICA, Lycee International Paris. She has worked with new writing, dance, street theatre, opera, circus (Ra Ra Zoo), Hull Truck and poet Roger McGough at Royal Festival Hall amongst others, and on participatory / education workshops with ENO, Philharmonia Orchestra, Glyndebourne, ETO, Opera North, South Bank Centre. Co-founder The EcoStage Pledge, an online initiative promoting sustainability amongst theatre practitioners launched at ARTCOP21.


Vini Carvalho works internationally as a physical performer, theatre-maker and movement practitioner. Originally from Brazil, he studied Physical Acting at UNICAMP (University of Campinas,2004-07), before specialising in Corporeal Mime at the International School of Corporeal Mime, in London (2010-2014). For the past ten years, he has been presenting his work in Europe, USA, Brazil and in India. He is also the artistic director of Fool’s Cap Theatre, a physical and visual theatre company.
Worked with: Theatre de l’Ange Fou; Terabac; Whippersnappers; Alice K; East 15 Acting School; Physical Fest Liverpool; Les Foules Theatre; Pas de Dieux; The Drama School Mumbai.


Andrea deliberately co-opts this recognisable climate change image but features a different consequence of climate change. Whilst polar bears are diminishing the Artic Mosquito thrives.