Cosmic Dung Beetles travel to Liverpool

The Cosmic Dung Beetles on their trip to Liverpool

Two dung beetles arrived in Liverpool to take part in the ninth annual Lightnight festival, the free one night arts festival, on Friday May 18th. We gave a 20 minute presentation at each of the following: Steble Fountain, Bluecoat Courtyard, and Albert Dock. The theme of this year’s Lightnight was Transformation, which suited us Dung Beetles perfectly.

Dung beetles were the scarabs worshipped by ancient Egyptians as symbols of transformation through death and rebirth. They have been around since at least the time of the dinosaurs. They assiduously recycle animal dung into food and nesting space for their young, and in so doing, they actually sequester greenhouse gases, thus unwittingly helping humans to reduce climate-warming emissions

Our dung beetles roamed the city posing questions, making music, and generally engaging with the public. How can we transform our world from one of remorseless consumption, pollution and inequality into a place where we all live to our fullest creative potential, while remaining within our biological constraints? What can we learn from the humble dung beetles who literally prevent our planet from overflowing with waste and crap? Our audiences were attentive, interested, and prepared to engage. It was a great first excursion for the Dung Beetles, and we will be out again soon!


Rolling the ball

And see the film here:

LightNight Liverpool is produced by local social enterprise Open

Audience Feedback

What audiences are saying:

This must be the best theatrical event of the Brighton fringe festival. It was innovative and informative combining music, dance, poetry and some of the most amazing costumes I have ever seen on stage. If you do not like insects this show will make you change your mind I reluctantly conceded an affection for even the pesky house fly. Kate audience member

The insect protagonists charmed, entertained and informed us through a blend of music, mime, dance, story telling, poetry and prose.   An intelligent and amusing script and costumes of quite outstanding inventiveness this is the most original and creative show I have seen on the Brighton Fringe. They deserve every success. Nick audience member

The costumes were jaw-droppingly fab – Andrea is off the scale brilliant. Persephone Pearl, ONCA

Terabac is a bonanza of delights from start to finish. In this vibrant and multi-faceted cabaret adventure, the networks of microcosmic fauna that sustain our entire world are explored through a series of vignettes on the lifecycles of key insect species. Their twin imperatives of survival and reproduction are crystallised into thought-provoking monologues, verses and eurhythmics. Stephen audience member

Terabac was a delightfully original performance. The insects’ protagonists charmed, entertained and informed us through a blend of music, mime, dance, story telling, poetry and prose. Not to mention amazing sound effects! In the end though it was the costumes stole the show and were as awe inspiring as the insect world portrayed. A must see. Helen audience member

Congratulations on a very successful performance on Sunday. I really enjoyed it. It was so entertaining, full of facts and figures (not that I can remember them all), such fun and beautiful to watch and listen to the beautiful music and songs. I loved the movers too. The costumes were just something else! I loved it all. I wish I had a booklet of all the information about the little creatures to take away to read later and remind me about what I heard in the performance. I so want to see it again. Just the right length and what an amazing group of talented women you all are. Carol audience member

I was so glad to have gone. It was brilliant – I found it moving, beautifully choreographed, a lovely combination of music and dance and stories that tell of insects’ life stories and a perspective on climate change from their point of view. Jocelyn audience member

I loved the dung beetle story and the dramatic spider relationship and the splendid praying mantis. The costumes were wonderful and easily recognizable, definitely worth the invitation to touch session beforehand. It was educational but not at all dry. Political but not tub thumping. audience member 

I thought it was wonderfully creative, funny, sexy, and highly original as well as being relevant to our current plight.  It deserves to go further. I thought the costumes were fantastic, the concept great and the inclusion of the two professional dancers gave it something extra. Sharifin audience member

What an exceptionally inventive and creative show! The idea of a staged event set around the sexual and emotional lives of insects is extraordinary but making it work as a first class piece of theatre is a real achievement. The performances, dialogue, costumes and music were all excellent. I hope they will include cockroaches in their next show. Philip audience member